Production and Services

Core Services

Combine our production services to assemble a complete digital marketing solution

Cardinal Eye provides clients with quality digital assets designed to impress a range of audiences. Video Production, Website Design, and Social Media Marketing have evolved from luxury into business necessity. Our goal has been to provide businesses and artists with the content they need to compete in an ever-evolving digital age. Scroll down for a more detailed service list.


Cinematic video production makes for compelling story-telling. We offer a range of solutions to meet a variety of needs whether they be corporate or venue related. Video is now the new standard that every company, brand, venue,  and artist is expected to have. Why settle for anything less than cinematic quality and professional editing for this mission critical asset?


We've made animation approachable and affordable. Branded moving logos offered at the beginning or end of your video can leave a long lasting and powerful impression on your audience. Combine this with a host of other animated effects layered into your project to achieve the professional look you previously thought was cost prohibitive.

Website Design

We help our clients by producing complete designs that give them the best digital platform to market from. We design through a variety of CMS solutions (Content Management System). Whether you're looking to sell products, build an online community of users, or simply establish solid brand presence on the internet, we can create a solution tailored to your needs.

Social Media

Social media has become a cornerstone in any business marketing strategy. We recognize that your website, along with your videos and content, need to be designed and geared to function on social platforms. We assemble social media reports, distribute content, and design accompanying graphics and videos to help you get the most out of the social network.

Video Services

Creative Direction

Cardinal Eye will plan and combine all elements of production and post-production to create a story-driven narrative designed to wow your target audience.

Video Production

Full multi-crew video production, with professional audio recording, lighting, with online delivery of camera and audio files. Supporting 4k delivery and up to 96/fps slow motion.

Video Editing

Full service video editing using Premiere Pro CC. Prompt delivery of video in a variety of formats.

Color Correction

Color correction and grading for studio viewing as well as YouTube & Vimeo distribution.

Animated Logo Branding

Leave a lasting impression on your audience with an animated logo.

Eye Catching Special Effects

Animated stylized transitions through Adobe After Effects provide a cohesive look and raise production value. Product showcases can be stylized as well to create a modern appeal.

Website Services

CMS Dynamic Solutions

Content Management Systems provide our clients the ability to login to their website in order to add or adjust content without the need to employ a web developer.

100% Responsive Design

Every site created and hosted by Cardinal Eye is fully responsive and designed to work on mobile devices. The days of static websites have long since passed.

SEO Optimized

All Cardinal Eye sites are designed with google search in mind. We work to provide detailed page testing, keyword tweaking, and back-linking in order to maximize your search footprint.

Informative Analytics

Receive monthly reports on how your website is reaching your audience. Our informed analysis can offer insight into how to take this data and apply it appropriate ways.

Web Hosting

Through our partnership with Orion Hosting (A Southwest Virginia based company) we're able to provide fast and reliable hosting for the most demanding websites.

E-Commerce Solutions

The digital age demands as many storefronts as possible. Take your business online with powerful e-commerce tools that we style directly into the heart of your website.

Community Development

Foster an online community with powerful features used to promote events, sell membership, participate in forums, and much more. If you can think of feature you'd like to incorporate into your website, we'll get you there.

Website Management

With our partnership with Orion Hosting, we're able to offer competitive rates on a completely managed solution for your website. Never worry about updating and adding new content can be as simple as sending an e-mail.